ADANAC Dual Power Solar Stopwatch Timer


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ENERGY SAVING - Hybrid dual power source use either solar or battery power long-lasting performance
EASY TO READ - Bold and crisp numbers simple clear to read on the jumbo display
LAP AND SPLIT MEMORY - 9 re-callable lap memory and 99 split time
ERGONOMIC DESIGN - Fits comfortably in the palm of your hand with anti-slip ridges for a firm grip
ADDITIONAL FEATURES - Includes a 24" lanyard (neck band) with a tightening stopper

    Marathon ADANAC Dual Power Solar Stopwatch Timer is an energy saving hybrid dual powered stopwatch.

    • Large display and conveniently located buttons is user-friendly
    • Easily navigate between the three (3) buttons which include: a timer, 99 split time and a re-callable button for up to 9 recorded times
    • Anti-slip ridges it offers a firm grip fits right in the palm of your hand
    • Digital stopwatch displays minutes, seconds and 1/100th seconds
    • One (1) second starts from 31st minute, 1/100 second stopwatch in first 30 minutes
    • Nine (9) lap memory and 99 split times
    • Water, dust, and shock resistant
    • Solar powered and eco-friendly as it comes with 2x rechargeable LR44 batteries installed
    • Includes 24" lanyard (neckband) and tightening band for your convenience and assurance without having the hassle or awkwardness of grabbing your phone
    • Lightweight causing no strains around the neck
    • Great for teachers, students, coaches, athletes, referees, adults, kids to use in classrooms and sporting events.

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    ADANAC Dual Power Solar Stopwatch Timer

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