With its easy-to-use nature, alarm, lighting options and compact sizing, this alarm clock with temperature and date is great for all ages and locations in your home.

All control buttons, for the time (12 or 24-hour display options), month, date, day, temperature (Celsius or Fahrenheit), are located at the back of the clock to eliminate clutter.

This clock is easy to set up and use. With a cool blue backlight, this clock provides maximum illumination needed in darker environments without being too harsh on the eyes. Gently press the button in order to illuminate the face of the clock for five seconds at a time.

Sized at 4x2x5 inches and weighing just 0.25 pounds our lightweight, compact clock rests comfortably on your table, desk or counter top. Choose between black, white, blue, graphite grey or pink

With all this and more our clock is the perfect clock for you and your child. Comes with 2 AAA batteries.

Marathon Watch Company clocks have you covered, all day, every day. For the long run!