Cinturino per orologio da immersione in due pezzi in gomma da 20 mm - Fibbia in acciaio inossidabile antracite

Codice: WS-RB-GRBK-20


  • GOMMA VULCANIZZATA: come fornita al governo degli Stati Uniti.
  • PROFUMO DI VANIGLIA: iniettato con un rinfrescante profumo di vaniglia.
  • COMFORT: comodo da indossare e flessibile. Progettato per le immersioni e per le missioni di ricerca e soccorso. Viene fornito con 2 barre a molla senza spalla in acciaio inossidabile Swiss made installate. Made in Italy.
  • FIBBIA IN ACCIAIO INOSSIDABILE NERO: Finitura IP Black, fibbia firmata in acciaio inossidabile 316L non magnetico.

Marathon's vulcanized rubber strap is stylish, easy to install and very comfortable to wear. This high quality strap is waterproof and looks great with both dressed up and casual attire. It features a 316L IP Black stainless steel signed buckle and a signed loop. This strap includes shoulderless spring bars that fit watch cases with drilled through holes. Made in Italy.  
NOTE: The rubber strap includes a shoulderless spring bar that is compatible with watches that have drilled lugs from the outside. If your watch does not have drilled through lugs, then replace the spring bars in the strap ends with shouldered spring bars, so they can be easily removed from lugs that are not drilled through. 

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