Watch Maintenance & Repair Services

CategoryModelBasic ServiceComplete ServiceBasic ServiceComplete Service
Manual WindWW194003 General Purpose Mechanical aka GPM, WW194003SS-BEN General Purpose Mechanical – Stainless Steel LE aka GPM SS Benrus$75 USD$150 USD
90  € 175  €
Automatic WindWW194006 Diver’s Automatic aka GSAR, SAR, SAR-D, MSAR, WW194006USMC Diver’s Automatic with USMC, WW194026 Diver’s Automatic Medium aka Mini GSAR$138 USD$275 USD160  € 320  €
Automatic With Day & DateWW194021 Large Bilingual Diver’s Automatic with Day & Date aka JDD$145 USD$290 USD170  € 225  €
ChronographWW194014 Chronograph Pilot aka CSAR$225 USD$450 USD260  € 520 €
Watches older than 2006Contact Us

Basic Maintenance Service Includes:
• Movement calibration.
• Replacement of inner gaskets.
• Water and pressure resistance testing in line with model specifications.
• Crystal glue checked and renewed if needed.
• All bracelet screws checked and fixed with nut lock if needed.
• Spring bars checked and replaced if damaged or unusable.

Complete Maintenance Service Includes:
• Disassemble the watch case (crown, case back, pushers and case tube.)
• Disassemble the dial and the hands from the movement.
• Disassemble the movement into its individual parts.
• Full inspection of all components,
• Clean all movement parts.
• Inspect and replace any worn out or damaged movement parts.
• Assemble and lubricate the movement in accordance with original specification.
• Clean watch case and strap/bracelet.
• Inspect, renew or replace gasket seals.
• Checking of the functions of the movement.
• Complete assembly and final inspection.
• Water and pressure resistance testing in line with model specifications.
• Full testing of functions accuracy and power reserve over several days.
• Twelve-month warranty on workmanship.