Marathon Hotel Collection 72 - Color LED Display Clock with Dual Alarm and 2 Front Facing USB Fast Charging Ports

SKU: CL030072-WH-00-EU1

150,50 lei 300,99 lei

  • DIGITAL DISPLAY - Large Color LED displays time and date, along with the ability to adjust the brightness dimmer
  • USB CHARGING - Includes two (2) front facing USB charging ports
  • DUAL ALARMS - Two independent alarms, quick on/off switches along with a snooze
  • DESIGN - Adjustable angled display that is a compact sleek clock great for bedrooms, hotel, office, bedside, desks etc.
  • MEMORY FEATURE - Memory battery back-up for time keeping during power outages, backup batteries included

Marathon Hotel Collection 72 Color LED Display Clock with Dual Alarm and Two Front Facing USB Fast Charging Ports is an excellent addition to your nightstand or bedside table.

  • Easily accessible dual USB port located in the front of the clock.
  • Ports are perfect for charging two devices at once, such as your phone or tablet.
  • Digits display is bright and easy to read in the dark.
  • If you find them too bright when you are trying to fall asleep there is a dimmer switch you can choose between low light, If it is still too bright, there is a button to turn the display off altogether, without interfering with your charging device.
  • 12 or 24-hour format time display.
  • Displays the day of the week in one of 3 languages: English, French or Spanish.
  • There is an on and off alarm switch and snooze button that is conveniently located on the top so they are easily located in the dark.
  • Adjustable volume alarm to set to desired sound preference.
  • Adjusting angle display is an added bonus to adjust the viewing position of the clock to your desire.
  • 100v-240 Universal AC adapter.
  • Backup battery included for time keeping.

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