Night Owl '86 Projection Clock with Large Display and Backlight - Backup Batteries Included

SKU: CL030086-BK-BL-EU1

151,02 lei

  • PROJECTION: The 180° swivel projector projects the time on your wall or ceiling. Option to rotate projection orientation. Projects time in a soft blue and is clear to read and easy on the eyes at night.
  • ALARM: Two volume levels to choose from; WEEKEND MODE: Alarm will not sound on Saturday or Sunday; SNOOZE FUNCTION: Temporarily stop the alarm and will sound again after 9 minutes.
  • ADJUSTABLE BRIGHTNESS: Adjust the backlight brightness when powering from the USB power cable, choose between high (bright), low (dim) or off. When powering from the batteries turn on backlight and it will automatically turn off the backlight after 5 seconds, turn on the time projection and it will automatically turn off the backlight after 10 seconds.
  • CLEAR DISPLAY: Displays month, day, day of week and indoor temperature. Switch the temperature units between Fahrenheit (℉) or Celsius (℃).
  • DUAL POWER OPTIONS: Powered by 100V-240V Universal AC Adapter or 3 x AAA batteries (batteries included)

The Marathon Watch Company Night Owl '86 Projection Clock provides an ideal solution for checking the time without having to turn to look at the clock. Simply turn on the 180 degree swivel projector and point it your preferred spot on the ceiling or wall. The clear, bright, easy to read time projection is also adjustable. This compact clock with large display also has a date and temperature display for everything you want to know in a single glance. Time, date, month, temperature, alarm, backlit display, and ultra clear time projection; this little clock has everything you need. Available in Midnight Black, and Snow White.

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