Jumbo 20" Indoor/Outdoor Clock with Temperature and Humidity

SKU: CL034003-BK-00-NA

332,86 zł 665,72 zł

Marathon’s 20” Indoor/Outdoor Clock with Temperature and Humidity features a classic design with modern touches, that make it perfect for any home, retail shop, office, or pool. Featuring a water-resistant casing with a sleek black finish, contrasted against a classic white dial face, and temperature/humidity displays that deliver accurate readings throughout the day, this clock fits any setting. 

  • LARGE DIAL: Easy-to-read dial can be seen from up to 30 feet away

  • SLEEK MODERN DESIGN: Round shape for optimal viewing angle and modern appearance

  • WATER RESISTANT: Safe for use outdoors or around pools and lakes

  • INDOOR/OUTDOOR TEMPERATURE & HUMIDITY: Indoor/Outdoor temperature display in Celsius or Fahrenheit. Indoor/Outdoor humidity reading

  • WALL MOUNT: Integrated keyholes for easy wall-mounting

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