16 Inch Vertical Outdoor Thermometer

SKU: BA030001


Marathon's 16 inch Vertical Outdoor Thermometer is easy-to-read and works perfectly indoors as outdoors. With its bold, tall numerals and wide temperature range, this mercury-free thermometer is a great way to add classic design and accurate temperature readings to any outdoor area. Simple to operate and comes with weather-resistant casing, ensuring convenience and practicality.

  • BOLD NUMBERS: Large and bold numbers, making it easy to read from a distance
  • WIDE RANGE: Broad temperature range from -40°C/-40°F to 50°C/120°.
  • SIMPLE TO OPERATE: No instructions are necessary; simple thermometer without any buttons.
  • WEATHERPROOF: Weather-resistant construction perfect for indoor/outdoor use in any type of climate
  • WALL MOUNT: Includes 2 mounting screws for installation and hanging on a wall, fence, windowsill, etc.

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