Marathon's Commercial Medical Grade 100-Hour Keypad Digital Timer is an amazing and useful kitchen timer to meet all your cooking, baking needs, and cook like a professional.

Timer also works great in classrooms for both teachers and students, in science labs, use as a meeting timer at the office, bathroom timer for kids, game timer, for hair stylist at hair salons and other various activities.

Easy to use direct entry timer with large display, soft buttons which are comfortable to use while multitasking, adjustable alarm, buzzer ring allowing you to hear from a great distance, also has a red LED flashing LED light, and 100 hour setting capacity to help you (and your assistant) stay on time. Direct entry number pad allow for quick timer entries. Four independent timers great for multi-tasking. Raised display for best viewing angle. Cube shaped and strong grip at the bottom of timer to avoid any slippage while using. Can be placed on any flat surface such as desks or counters.

Battery powered. Batteries Included: 2 AA