Travel Alarm Clock with Calendar & Temperature

SKU: CL030023-BK-BK-NA

CHF 11.12 CHF 22.25

  • BUILT IN STAND:  Foldable travel alarm clock with 180 degree rotational clock-face.
  • LIGHT FUNCTION / DISPLAY:  Display push button to light up display, remains illuminated. for approximately 5 seconds.
  • ALARM WITH SNOOZE:  Loud alarm with snooze function, perfect for jetlagged travellers.
  • TEMPERATURE / CALENDAR: 12 or 24 Hour display formats with indoor temperature display available in Celsius (°C) or Fahrenheit (°F). Displays Month, Date and Day.
  • BATTERY:  Includes 1 AAA battery

The Marathon Travel and Desktop Alarm Clock is a compact size clock, making it a perfect travel clock. This clock features a option to flip and rotated 180 degrees to sit stable on flat surfaces. While keeping size compact, Marathon has not compromised any functionality making it great for desk and bedside. This clock displays; time in 12 or 24 hour formats, indoor temperature with options for Fahrenheit or Celsius, and a calendar display for month, date, and day. Included with the Travel and Desktop Alarm Clock is an ergonomic one touch back light function. Press the button to activate the back light, it is gentle on the eyes while providing maximum illumination. Includes 1 AAA battery and its low power consumption ensures a maximum lifespan.

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