Studio Edition Jumbo 12 Inch Analog Wall Clock With Auto Night-Light

SKU: CL030057-BK-WS-NA

€40,00 €80,00

Product Details

  • SILENT SMOOTH SWEEP: This clock was engineered with a silent, continuous-sweep second hand quartz movement. It does not emit a ticking sound.
  • AUTO-NIGHT LIGHT: An ambient light sensor triggers a soft glow to illuminate the dial when placed in low light
  • LARGE DIAL: Easy to read dial can be read from across the room
  • DIMENSIONS: This clock is 11.75 inches wide by 11.75 inches tall and 2 inches thick
  • BATTERIES INCLUDED: One AA & two C batteries are included in the box

Marathon's New Studio Edition of the Jumbo Analog Wall Clock with Auto-Night Light is the latest innovation on a classic design. It features an elegant, classic design with modern touches to create the perfect wall accessory. The ambient light sensor ensures the face of the clock is illuminated in the dark and easy to read. A sweeping second hand does not emit an audible tick.

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