10 inch Silent Continuous-Sweep Analog Wall Clock

SKU: CL034002-BK-00-NA

€11,00 €22,00

Marathon’s 10 inch Analog Clock provides the perfect combination of elegance and function. This clock is designed beautifully with bold digits and a silent continuous-sweep second-hand quartz movement. Featuring integrated keyholes for easy wall-mounting, Marathon’s Analog Clock will make the perfect home, office, school, or retail addition.

  • SILENT SMOOTH SWEEP: This clock was engineered with a silent, continuous-sweep second hand quartz movement that does not emit a ticking sound.

  • LARGE DIAL: Easy-to-read dial can be seen from across the room

  • SLEEK MODERN DESIGN: Round shape for optimal viewing angle and modern appearance.

  • 12/24-HOUR MARKERS: Displays the time in both 12 and 24 hour format

  • WALL MOUNT: Integrated keyholes for easy wall-mounting

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